Laurie Arseneault

Trois fois championne canadienne. L’engagement est une grande partie de qui je suis et de ce en quoi je crois. Pour moi, s’engager, c’est se dédier à 100 % et persévérer à travers les moments difficiles. Rêver, croire, réaliser.

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2019 was so nice! I’m thankful for the delicious food I ate, the amazing places I’ve been and the wonderful people surrounding me. ☺️❤️ I feel so lucky to be able to learn from this sport every year. PC: @velirium

Fatbiking has been our biggest training tool since three years. It makes training in Quebec so much easier with our crazy weather - I feel extremely lucky to have the privilege to be supported by @cannondalemountain to help me achieve my winter training. Thank you. 💛

Cool cool cool coool.... Let’s do this winter thing ☃️

Head in the sky, dreaming about next mtb season. 💭🍁🚵‍♀️ But first, you know what’s good for your little head? Catching your breath at the top of a climb and taking in the view with good company. Because if you’re not appreciating what you’re doing & where you are... Then what’s the point? #ILoveThisSport PC : @judjudjud 🤓

CYCOPATH: A person who suffers from chronic cycling disorder. Symptoms include the constant urge to jump on a bicycle and go for a ride. Happy off season to all the cycopaths. 🤪 #HateAndLoveOffSeason #HelmetOff

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Retour en selle pour la dernière coupe du monde de la saison. 🤩 (après 15 heures de voyagement, c’est comme ça qu’on se réveille.)

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Ça prend un village. ✨💕

Heureuse & reconnaissante pour votre amour & vos encouragements!

Merci merci merci!

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Whatever fear or doubt I have inside me, my passion for this sport is stronger - Thats what kept me pushing during this race. ✨ Ended up 9th at world championships. I couldn’t asked for a better crowd, it gave me extra strength! Thank you to everyone who came. 🥰

Race mode is activated 🚴‍♀️ Starting World Championships festivities with a 5th position for team Canada in the relay.

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Les festivités des championnats du monde ont commencé hier, avec les maîtres. Cette fois-ci, les rôles étaient inversés pour moi & coach John John Malois 😎😎😎Bravo à tous!!!

Les évènements se poursuivent mercredi prochain avec le relai par équipe. 💃💃💃

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Gens du Québec 💙 faites du bruit!!!! Le décompte est lancé pour les championnats monde qui commencent dans deux petites semaines au @montsainteanne 🌈 @velirium

Me before the race versus me after the race. 😵 Gens du Québec faites du bruit!!!!! Le décompte est commencé pour les championnats du monde qui commencent dans deux petites semaines au @montsainteanne 🌈 @velirium

You can still perform at a high level while feeling nervous, doubtful, scared or tired. You don’t have 100% control of what you think or how you feel (if you did you’d choose to always think positive & feel good.) Trying to push them away can only make them come back stronger. The season can be so long from all those races and travels. Being mentally tired is real & coming back from that is a huge task. No trophies or medals this weekend, but this race felt like a huge victory to me. Probably one of the nicest race of my life - fighting one lap with a flat tire & deciding not to wrestle with the bad thoughts 💭 P12. In two weeks, I managed to have a pretty bad race and one pretty good. A lot can happen when you don’t give up on yourself. Up & down we go ⬇️⬆️ #ILoveThisSport PC: @carogautier1902 💕

Oh the places we see & the mountains we climbs! This sport is savage ; both physically & mentally. 🤯 You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love. When you are truly passionate about what you want to accomplish, you’ve got to understand that you will run into obstacles, and experience frustration sooo many times. If you only put in hard work on the days you feel good, you won’t get much done. Eyes 👀 on next weekend for Lenzerheide World Cup. 🇨🇭❤️

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Départ vers l’Italie & la Suisse pour les prochaines coupes du monde. ☺️👍🏻

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